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Afghan Cluster, March 28 & 28, 2009. East Freehold Park, Freehold, NJ.

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The last weekend in March was The Afghan Show at Freehold. This show is close to home and I enjoy going there. I took Saturday off from work and made a weekend out of it. Setting up a tent next to my friend Nicole, her husband Rob and their Jack Russell, Shelby. I had a great weekend and enjoyed hanging with Nicole and Rob. It turned out to be a rainy weekend, but we braved it and came home with a “Q”. Our “Q” bought our talley to 2 “Q’s” in Open Standard and 2 “Q’s” in Jumpers.

Saturday’s Open Standard Run.

We had a really great run here, but I didn’t line up right for the weave poles, which had me crowding the poles. JoJo past right on by the poles, then it was too many trys to get her back in the poles. Once I got here in she was perfect.

Saturday’s Open Jumpers Run.

On this run, we had some issues with JoJo looking up at me in the poles, but I have been working on it. We had a little problem with the first attempt into the tunnel. JoJo decided to jump the number on the outside of the tunnel. You can’t see that, but let me tell you she did it.

Sunday’s Open Jumpers Run

Even with the rainy weather, we have a great Jumpers run on Sunday. JoJo was perfect. She hit the weaves and never looked back. This was our 2nd “Q” in Open Jumpers.

Sunday’s Open Standard Run 
I’ve got to tell you, there are times when I really believe I have the class clown dog. I very rarely have an issue with JoJo on her start line stays, she’s almost always perfect with that. Today I should of known. I set her up and she kept sniffing the ground, very unlike her. I got her attention, or so I thought, did my lead out and when I gave her command to come, she gave me the most comical look and just went the other way. You wont be able to see the look, but check it out.

We had a great run, she picked up on all my cues. We did have a dropped bar, I will have to watch more closely to see if I cause her to drop the bar. He missed the entrance to the weave poles, I believe that was me, I stopped my forward motion and I think she picked up on that.
All in all we had an awesome weekend. Lots of fun as always.
Gotta love it.