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Jack Russell Terrier Nationals

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The weekend of October 16th,17th, & 18th, we attended the 27th Annual Jack Russell Terrier National Trial. The trial was held by the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America. at the Steppingstone Museum – Susquehanna State Park, Harve de Grace Maryland.  It was my first time attending the show. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It didn’t help that it poured and rained the whole weekend. I of course entered the agility competition and also signed up for several other events. I wanted to see what else JoJo would enjoy doing.
The way they run there agility was a little different then I was used to, but we did pretty good. On Saturday we took 3rd place in Agility II, on Sunday we took 6th Place in Agility III.
Here is JoJo and her 3rd place ribbon.
 Agility III was a little different then I was used to there was a section of the course where we had to do a Gamblers. Send the dog away from us to the obstacles. JoJo wasn’t used to being sent away from me to do the obstacles, but she didn’t do too bad.
unfortunately, it rained so bad on Saturday, we didn’t get any videos. Here is our Sunday Agility III run. You will see towards the end where we are in the gamblers and  I’m having trouble getting JoJo over the fair jump. She got it eventually, but it took a little work.

Now we also entered Jumpers, unfortunately they only had a 12″ht class, we normally enter an 8″ class. She tried, but you will see that she went around some jumps and that’s because the were higher than she was used to.

Besides agility, we entered a few other events. We entered the “go to the ground” she didn’t do very well with that, it was her first time.

We also entered a barn hunt. It was the first time we did that too. Here are the videos from that. You will see in the beginning of the first one they let her look at the tube with the rat in it. We told her it was a squirrel, since I’m sure she new that instead of a rat. Then she had to find it. On the first run, it was like a walk in the park. The second time she moved a little bit faster, like she new what she was doing. When she found the tube when tried to get to the rat. Much better result.

We also entered Lure Coursing, WELL, THAT IS THE STUFF. She loved it so much, it was all she wanted to do. It was too funny.  There was 3 different types of Lure coursing. One with obstacles, a large course and a challenge course. I heard sounds come out of her mouth that I never thought I’d hear. Have fun watching.

Lure Course with Obstacles

Large Lure Course

Challenge Course

Since we went to the Nationals, I’ve been trying to find other places for JoJo to do Lure Coursing. I went to one fun event. I met my friend there and JoJo ran against her do.
I gave the camera to video JoJo and Tara’s run. You loose Jo for a few minutes becauase Tara is a  little bit faster.