Our Progress

Well our Agility Journey has been slow these last few months. Jo is still injured and making very slow progress healing. It’s been really hard on me with Jo’s injury. I have to keep her on limited play to help the injury heal and she is not happy about that. That little Jack brain wants to go go go.
I’m really itching to compete again. The trials have already started after the winter break and well, I’m missing being there. Right now my main concern is to get Jo’s injury to heal.
I have been working with the puppy a bit. She is so smart, I am very excited, Haley picks up on things super fast. Can’t wait to really get training with her. We have already learned sit & down, working on come. We are also working on her targets, walking on a leash, walking along side of me,  balance on the bosu ball, Crate training, etc.  Also she is super fast. I will have to relearn how to run courses with a fast dog, since Jo is my velcro dog and isn’t super fast on the courses. Should be fun.
The girls have been getting along well, and it’s been a fun ride with the new additions to the family. Haley has figured out how to get on the couch, Jo isn’t safe anymore, Well she still has the bed. Haley isn’t big enough to get on the bed by herself yet. So Jo still have one place to go.
Jo’s favorite place to lay is on the top of the couch in the window, well it’s now Haley’s favorite place too.

Ain’t they just the cutest pair.

Haley has come at the best time. I can’t help to say it again, I am having a lot of fun with her. Too Cute!


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