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Not too much happening.

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Happy New Year to everyone.
With the show season off for the winter, there really hasn’t been too much happening. JoJo and I have been training a lot, trying to work on our issues. We’ve taken every training opportunity we could. With a lot of work, JoJo is hitting her weave poles and running thru them with confidence. I  have to continue working on my handling skills, that needs a lot of work. I guess that is an endless project.
We have gone to a park in South Jersey, Medford to be exact, called Freedom Park. It’s a huge park that allows you to walk around the park with your dogs. It’s great. There is a stream and several large areas to walk your dog.
I met my friend Oksana, and her 2 dogs there. Here’s Oksana with her Rhodesian Ridgeback Alisa, and her Pembroke Corgi Tara.
Guess JoJo didn’t want to be in the picture

Tara Loves to swim.

JoJo thought she’d go for a swim too.

We  have been to Freedom Park twice in the last month, it’s been fun. The dogs get to play, I get a little exercise and Oksana and I get to hang out.

After training in the morning and playing at the park, who says Jack Russell Terriers don’t sleep. It was only for a short time, but she crashed on the couch.

We also got together with our other agility friend Nicole and her Jack Russell Terrier Shelby, we had a training night.
shelbyIsn’t Shelby cute? Check out the air on that jump.

999_3316999_3312Here is Shelby doing her weave poles, I thought it was really cute and funny that when she would wrap around the pole, she would pick up her back end and bring it around the poles.  Isn’t that great. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take any pictures of JoJo, since it’s a little hard to run the obstacles and take pictures.