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SOJAC show at Dream Park, March 20,21,22 2009

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Sorry for the delay in getting these posts done. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We have been busy at the shop, busy with trials and busy with training.
On Sunday, March 22, 2009, we attended The SOJAC (South Jersey Agility Club) show at Gloucester County Dream Park. I like this place for indoor shows.

Our first run of the day was Open Jumpers. It was a pretty good course, but we had some issues. I mean WE!!! I over compensated when pulling JoJo to the outside of the tunnel and she ran into the side if the opening. JoJo started this new thing, over running the Table. You can bet we worked hard on that and she isn’t doing it any more, I hope. She was perfect when it came to the weave poles, but the best part was at the last jump, when she bull dozed the jump. Not sure what happened, but I can’t complain, we had a good run.

The second run was Open Standard. This course was a little more challenging. A lot of twists and turns. I got a little confused on my handling, but we managed pretty good. As you can see JoJo over ran the Weave Poles. I believe, I pulled her off to much, trying to make sure I gave her a good entrance. We dropped a bar, but again we have a good run.

I love playing agility with my little JoJo, for the most part she makes it so easy. She does everything I ask of her, whether it’s right or wrong.