Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Safe New Year.

We have been on our winter break from trailing, but not on break from training.
JoJo and I have been training every week, as often I as I can spare the time. Continuing to work on our issues, and my handling, and it’s looking very encouraging. We are looking forward to starting our new year off on the right foot. We will be starting the new year in Excellent Standard & Jumpers. We are looking to continue to have fun,  & success in our agility journey.
The new year will also bring us new challenges, I’m sure, but it will also be bringing us a new member to our family. I have been researching getting a puppy. It’s been an interesting quest. What type of puppy to get? I think I have made up my mind. I will be getting another Jack Russell Terrier. This one will long legged, broken coat.

Tomorrow, we will be traveling to the breeder to check out the puppies. They are 5 weeks old.

Here is a tease photo. The puppies are 1 week old in this picture.

Check back to see the Puppy updates.

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