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Puppy Update

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Well, we have been having a blast with our new puppy. Haley has been a lot of fun,  just like I new it would be.
After about a week or so, JoJo accepted her into our pack and that makes me very happy.

Here they are playing together.

Haley has been a fast learner, she is doing wonderful with her potty training. Very few accidents. She has figured out to sit by the front door when she has to go out, but don’t miss the signal, OOPS!

Slowly I have started working with Haley on some beginning training.  I am amazed at how fast she is picking up on stuff. Not only cute, but smart.

We had a snow storm on Saturday Feb. 6th, it was her first snow storm. The first time I took her outside she wasn’t sure what to do,  but the next time, she was having a blast running and jumping through the snow. Following JoJo everywhere she went.  The snow was almost over her head.

I just love this picture of Haley.

A little history.
I found Haley’s breeder through a friend of mine. After doing a little research and talking to the breeder we decided to go with her. I am so very happy we did. Haley is great. Couldn’t of asked for anything better.

Here is her website.
Just recently the breeder send me pictures of  Haley’s mom and dad. I can’t believe how much she looks like her mom.

Here is Haley’s Mom as a puppy.

Haley’s Dad.

Well thank you for letting me share my fine experiences with my new puppy.

Right now, I’m not competing, not only because we are on a little winter break, but because Jo is on the injured reserve.  She injured her back leg and we are working on getting it healed.

More to come.