We will now take a break from our regular scheduled program….Introducing Penney!

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Well, I’ve been trying to convince my husband that I wanted another dog. I have been having so much fun with JoJo, that I wanted another dog/puppy to do agility with. Well, I got another dog. It isn’t what I was expecting, but she needed a home. A close family friend passed away and her dog, a Shorty Jack Russell Terrier, needed a home.  Meet Penney.999_42261999_42311Isn’t she sweet. She really does have a sweet face, and personality. Penney, I have recently found is 8 years old.
It has been an interesting couple of days. Getting Penney comfortable with our routine and getting JoJo comfortable with a new friend. JoJo keeps asking me ” When is SHE going home?” Wont JoJo be surprised, Penney isn’t gonig home.
Right now, we are working on our trust and then we will see what Penney likes to do.
I looking forward to our time together.


DCKC Show at Wrightstown PA

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Wow! This should get me up to date with all the shows to this point.
On Sunday April 5th, 2009, we attended the DCKC (Delaware County Kennel Club) show at Middletown Grange Fairgrounds in Wrightstown, PA.
It was a pretty good day, a bit windy, left over from Saturday.

Our first run of the days was in Open Jumpers.
This was our Open Title run. When I set up JoJo and saw that she was sniffing at the ground, I thought we were going to have  a problem, but we didn’t. It looked like a tough course, but it wasn’t. I always think it’s tough before I actually run it. I have my instructor to thank for that. She always trains us on Excellant courses.

Open Jumpers Run

Excellant here I come.

Ok, this was our second run of the day, Open Standard. I’ve got to admit, I screwed up this run. I did a front cross in the wrong place. Bad decision. JoJo missed the entrance to the weave poles, when I brought her around she took a off course jump. Man, I tell you, mommy sucked on this run. I guess we will have to wait for the next run to get our Open Standard Title.
Open Standard Run

Afghan Cluster, March 28 & 28, 2009. East Freehold Park, Freehold, NJ.

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The last weekend in March was The Afghan Show at Freehold. This show is close to home and I enjoy going there. I took Saturday off from work and made a weekend out of it. Setting up a tent next to my friend Nicole, her husband Rob and their Jack Russell, Shelby. I had a great weekend and enjoyed hanging with Nicole and Rob. It turned out to be a rainy weekend, but we braved it and came home with a “Q”. Our “Q” bought our talley to 2 “Q’s” in Open Standard and 2 “Q’s” in Jumpers.

Saturday’s Open Standard Run.

We had a really great run here, but I didn’t line up right for the weave poles, which had me crowding the poles. JoJo past right on by the poles, then it was too many trys to get her back in the poles. Once I got here in she was perfect.

Saturday’s Open Jumpers Run.

On this run, we had some issues with JoJo looking up at me in the poles, but I have been working on it. We had a little problem with the first attempt into the tunnel. JoJo decided to jump the number on the outside of the tunnel. You can’t see that, but let me tell you she did it.

Sunday’s Open Jumpers Run

Even with the rainy weather, we have a great Jumpers run on Sunday. JoJo was perfect. She hit the weaves and never looked back. This was our 2nd “Q” in Open Jumpers.

Sunday’s Open Standard Run 
I’ve got to tell you, there are times when I really believe I have the class clown dog. I very rarely have an issue with JoJo on her start line stays, she’s almost always perfect with that. Today I should of known. I set her up and she kept sniffing the ground, very unlike her. I got her attention, or so I thought, did my lead out and when I gave her command to come, she gave me the most comical look and just went the other way. You wont be able to see the look, but check it out.

We had a great run, she picked up on all my cues. We did have a dropped bar, I will have to watch more closely to see if I cause her to drop the bar. He missed the entrance to the weave poles, I believe that was me, I stopped my forward motion and I think she picked up on that.
All in all we had an awesome weekend. Lots of fun as always.
Gotta love it.

SOJAC show at Dream Park, March 20,21,22 2009

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Sorry for the delay in getting these posts done. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We have been busy at the shop, busy with trials and busy with training.
On Sunday, March 22, 2009, we attended The SOJAC (South Jersey Agility Club) show at Gloucester County Dream Park. I like this place for indoor shows.

Our first run of the day was Open Jumpers. It was a pretty good course, but we had some issues. I mean WE!!! I over compensated when pulling JoJo to the outside of the tunnel and she ran into the side if the opening. JoJo started this new thing, over running the Table. You can bet we worked hard on that and she isn’t doing it any more, I hope. She was perfect when it came to the weave poles, but the best part was at the last jump, when she bull dozed the jump. Not sure what happened, but I can’t complain, we had a good run.

The second run was Open Standard. This course was a little more challenging. A lot of twists and turns. I got a little confused on my handling, but we managed pretty good. As you can see JoJo over ran the Weave Poles. I believe, I pulled her off to much, trying to make sure I gave her a good entrance. We dropped a bar, but again we have a good run.

I love playing agility with my little JoJo, for the most part she makes it so easy. She does everything I ask of her, whether it’s right or wrong.

Our 2nd show.

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We competed in the TBAC (Trail Blazers Agility Club) Show at Dream Park on Sunday only, March 8th. With daylight savings upon us and the fact that I didn’t have to be at the trial, until our first walk thru 10:53, it was nice to get a break from getting up early. But….. We got up at 7:30, and got to the trial around 9:45am. After I got my registration sticker and looked around, I luckily went over to the ring where we were running to see how many more dogs were left before us. Good Thing. I walked up to the ring and saw people walking the course and I asked someone “what are they walking?” to my surprise they were walking Open Standard, OH MY GOD!!! They were walking my class 45 mins early. I quickly found someone to hold JoJo and get over to do my walk thru. We had a pretty good run, had issues with the weave poles again, but they were much better. I was really pleased with out runs together. She is really focused on what I am telling her, she is responding to my cues., the weave poles will come with time. Our second run wasn’t till 3:30, there wasn’t anybody at the show that I new so I had a long wait.
Our Jumpers run was worth the wait. We ran it perfectly, we were totally in sync of each other. The weave poles were the 3rd obstacle and she nailed the entrance, and never skipped a beat. I even changed up my plan, not by choice. I forgot to throw in a front cross where I wanted to, so I changed it up and made it a back cross and she just nailed it. I was so excited, my first “Q” in Open Jumpers.
Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to video tape my run, so I don’t have it to show.
We will have a weekend off then it’s back to Dream Park. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully, I will have videos to share.

Our First Show Of The New Year.

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Well after a long couple months and a lot of training, it was the first show of the new year. My goal was to go to the show and try to be very calm, have fun and enjoy the weekend.
I must say, I did a very good job of not being nervous.
With the new show season upon us, we are starting out with 2 “Q’s” in Open Standard, and no “Q’s” in Open Jumpers. Noing that if I Q’d in Standard, it would mean moving up to Excellent, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. That’s why I wanted to try to go to the show, focus, and try not be nervous.
All in all we had a very fun weekend. We worked very well together, JoJo really showed her stuff, other then some mistakes that we made I feel very good about our runs, for the most part.

The first show was held at Cloucester County Dream Park, Sweedsboro, NJ.
It’s a really nice facilty, and I enjoy running there.
 The show was held by DCKC (Delaware County Kennel Club) Feb 27th, 28th, & March 1st. Our first run on Saturday was 7:45, with a 7:30 walk thru. Lucky Me! I had to get up a 4:00am to get there on time.

First run was Jumpers, we had a really good run, made all our marks. I gave all the right cues and would of Q’d, but I didn’t realize, till it was too late, that JoJo missed the last pole of the weaves. Stupid mistake on my part, NEVER take your eyes off your dog.

Second run was standard. Now this was entertaining.  We set up, but  then had to re-set up, not sure what the delay was. We had a very good beginning, all the way to #11 “The Tire“, yes the infamous tire. In practice, JoJo has started to go under the tire, instead of over. HA HA! Not funny, in competition. Once that happened it was all over, she took the wrong obstacle, when I was trying to get her back to the tire. I would think, my fault. Over shot the table, and then the Weave Poles. Watch and see.

Sunday was a little kinder, I had my first run at 9:00, walk thru was 8:45. I got to sleep til 5:ooam. We started with Standard.  All in all we had a very good run, JoJo went thru the tire, but those weave poles killed us. It looks like I might of pulled her out of the poles by taking to her. She over shot the table again. Lots more work to do.

Our second run on Sunday was Jumpers. Now this one was really entertaining. My JoJo, who very rarely breaks her start line stay, decided not only to break her stay but to go off sniffing. Just lovely! I have never!!!! I could believe my eyes. We got our self together and ran a very good course, until the weave poles.
Have fun watching.

We will be training hard this week, with another show to follow.

Not too much happening.

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Happy New Year to everyone.
With the show season off for the winter, there really hasn’t been too much happening. JoJo and I have been training a lot, trying to work on our issues. We’ve taken every training opportunity we could. With a lot of work, JoJo is hitting her weave poles and running thru them with confidence. I  have to continue working on my handling skills, that needs a lot of work. I guess that is an endless project.
We have gone to a park in South Jersey, Medford to be exact, called Freedom Park. It’s a huge park that allows you to walk around the park with your dogs. It’s great. There is a stream and several large areas to walk your dog. http://www.discovermedford.com/recreation.html
I met my friend Oksana, and her 2 dogs there. Here’s Oksana with her Rhodesian Ridgeback Alisa, and her Pembroke Corgi Tara.
Guess JoJo didn’t want to be in the picture

Tara Loves to swim.

JoJo thought she’d go for a swim too.

We  have been to Freedom Park twice in the last month, it’s been fun. The dogs get to play, I get a little exercise and Oksana and I get to hang out.

After training in the morning and playing at the park, who says Jack Russell Terriers don’t sleep. It was only for a short time, but she crashed on the couch.

We also got together with our other agility friend Nicole and her Jack Russell Terrier Shelby, we had a training night.
shelbyIsn’t Shelby cute? Check out the air on that jump.

999_3316999_3312Here is Shelby doing her weave poles, I thought it was really cute and funny that when she would wrap around the pole, she would pick up her back end and bring it around the poles.  Isn’t that great. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take any pictures of JoJo, since it’s a little hard to run the obstacles and take pictures.