DCKC Show at Wrightstown PA

Wow! This should get me up to date with all the shows to this point.
On Sunday April 5th, 2009, we attended the DCKC (Delaware County Kennel Club) show at Middletown Grange Fairgrounds in Wrightstown, PA.
It was a pretty good day, a bit windy, left over from Saturday.

Our first run of the days was in Open Jumpers.
This was our Open Title run. When I set up JoJo and saw that she was sniffing at the ground, I thought we were going to have  a problem, but we didn’t. It looked like a tough course, but it wasn’t. I always think it’s tough before I actually run it. I have my instructor to thank for that. She always trains us on Excellant courses.

Open Jumpers Run

Excellant here I come.

Ok, this was our second run of the day, Open Standard. I’ve got to admit, I screwed up this run. I did a front cross in the wrong place. Bad decision. JoJo missed the entrance to the weave poles, when I brought her around she took a off course jump. Man, I tell you, mommy sucked on this run. I guess we will have to wait for the next run to get our Open Standard Title.
Open Standard Run


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